About us

Our Vision: Just as easy to listen to a machine as a human

We increase efficiency, reduce the risk and improves profits through automation and digitization of industrial companies.
We deliver a comprehensive solution for industrial Internet of Things where the electronics, cloud service and our cooperation with the customer make industry more efficiently and more profitable.

Combiq AB was founded in 2007 as a consulting and development company for automation, digitization and industrialization. We have worked with digitization of machines long before Iot was an expression. It gives us the confidence that say that there are not many companies with a broader competence in the field. This is something we are proud of.

We expanded our consulting business until 2009 with a focus on RFID technology and IoT. Our technology has always been controlled by the idea of ​​a seamless connection of people, machines and things in general. With DataChassi AB (now DC alarm) and Combiplate (now Renz) we have successfully founded two spin-off companies to focus on more specialized applications and business areas.

In 2007, our cooperation started with Husqvarna and we participate in third generation sensors for their machine monitoring. Since 2010, we delivered tailor-made IOT solutions to production industries within pulp and paper, forest or mining and construction industry. Now we work on the big step to launch our first, completely proprietary IOT solution.

The three largest shareholders in Combiq AB are Spectria AB, First Venture AB and Almi Invest. In addition, the board, management and employee is a partner. We are all engaged and focus on our purpose: to digitize and automate existing industrial systems.