Digital energy measurement

An innovative solution that keeps track of energy consumption in manufacturing plants.


Monitor energy consumption

With our measuring technique, energy efficiency is made available for many different manufacturing industries. We strongly believe that it should be easy to gain insight into one’s energy consumption, in order to make real improvements.

We offer a smart method for measuring energy that scans the energy consumption for each machine, or other types of equipment, and then sends the sensor values directly to the cloud.

Our ISN (Industrial Sensor Node) for energy measuring is mounted onto the machines and then connected to and administered via our cloud service, CombiQloud. In the cloud you can start tracking the electricity and energy consumption and make in depth analyzes in order to understand where you can improve energy efficiency.

Benefits with smart energy measurement

Quick and easy installation onto your equipment.

A continuous monitoring of energy consumption at equipment level.

Automatic energy alarms which generate text messages and email notifications to the persons responsible.


How does it work?

When the sensor is connected to CombiQloud you gain a clear and distinct understanding of what your electricity consumption looks like. Among other things, you can see how many kilowatt hours your manufacturing plant uses in real time, divided into monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly average consumption.


Easy to install

It’s quick and easy to install the sensor, for example, you can start with one or more machines in a specific production line and let the sensors monitor energy consumption in real time.

It takes no more than 15 minutes to install our preconfigured sensors. The ISN is easily connected to the power cable of the equipment and then sends sensor values directly to the cloud where they are compiled, analyzed and visualized by CombiQloud.


Optimize with KPIs

In CombiQloud, we can help customize different KPIs for energy saving so that it’s quick to track each resource that is used in the manufacturing plant. By doing so, we can help evaluate how you could reduce your energy consumption. All the sensor values are gathered and presented in accessible manor in the cloud solution, which gives you a fast and efficient way to find opportunities for improvements.


Measuring energy shapes new goals for sustainability

Reports usually show that you can save more than 50% of your energy consumption in different modes of the manufacturing plant, which can be a real step towards truly measurable sustainability goals that significantly lower the operative energy costs.


Control over electricity consumption versus production

With the help of the energy measuring, you gain full control over your electricity consumption and with a little bit of detective work, you can quickly find which units in your production line that are the big energy spenders.

We allow for you to see how much energy your production actually uses, in real time. Simultaneously, you can gain valuable insights of both energy consumption and the manufacturing process for the machines in CombiQloud.


A common energy thief

A common insight is the challenge of handling the energy consumption while the machines are in their standby mode. It’s a common challenge in several manufacturing plants and is mainly due to the large number of machines and equipment with specific requirements regarding power cycles. A concrete example is equipment which needs electricity in order to keep the hydraulic fluid at an optimal temperature, regardless of whether the actual production process is running or not.


The energy consumption equivalent to 9 households in Småland, Sweden

To compare energy consumption and effect can give valuable perspectives. The insights found in CombiQloud clearly reveal how much energy the equipment has consumed and the indications of the monitoring can be surprising. At one of our clients, we found that the effect that a machine used on average in standby mode was equivalent of the average energy consumption for 9 households in Småland, Sweden.

A usual evaluation means that we together explore alternatives to shutting down your equipment, and by doing so find new and innovative ways to reduce the energy consumption. The goal is usually to optimize the balance between switching off the equipment and using the standby mode.


Multiple sensor values

Our ISN can also obtain different kinds of sensor values with its nine internal sensors and three gates for external sensors. These can be customized for the specific needs of the operations, to ensure the well-being of the manufacturing plant.


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