Rack insight solution

Digital Collision Warnings

An innovative solution for a safer work environment
within warehouse and logistics.


A safer work environment

We bring safety to a new level. By using digital collision warnings, we are collectively creating a safer work environment within logistics and warehouses. Our intelligent sensors are mounted onto your pallet racks and then connected and managed through our cloud service, CombiQloud. These smart sensors are monitoring your facilities, and in the event of an incident or collision, the appointed person receives a notification. This way, valuable statistics regarding your facility is collected and can be used as a basis for future inspections, preventive repairs, and intelligent restructure of the premises.

Benefits with digital collision warnings

Quick and easy installation of the intelligent sensors on your pallet racks.

Automatic collision warnings with notifications to the designated person.

A continuous, always updated status control of your premises

Saved time, as you no longer need to perform time-consuming visual inspections

A safer environment made possible by innovation.

Insights through visual reports and interactive charts.


How does it work?

Initially we measure vibrations and collisions with our intelligent sensors. This means that you receive instant feedback regarding events. Through our solution you find out what has happened, where it has occurred, and the extent of the damage. The collisions are classified into three different levels based on the force measured.

  • Level 1: Collision
  • Level 2: Severe collision – risk of danger to employees
  • Level 3: Risk of section breakage


Collision Warnings

CombiQloud communicates with the user without complex settings or logins. The person in charge receives notifications for both minor and major collisions to assess the type of action required.

  • You chose the designated person which receives notifications
  • A quick overview, as well as precision in where the collision has occurred
  • Notifications via SMS and Email
  • Brings your safety to a new level


Deeper insights

The data collected from our intelligent sensors can, besides the collision warnings, gives you valuable insights through visual reports and interactive charts within CombiQloud. These insights can then be used to make smart, data-driven decisions. Some examples of what you can discover include:

  • How gentle your staff is depending on what type of goods they are handling
  • Statistics regarding the number of collisions
  • Trends regarding collisions within the premises


From data collection to insights

In our cloud solution, CombiQloud, data from the sensors are collected and presented. You gain brand new insights into how your machines and equipment are working, this gives you the opportunity to make intelligent, data-driven decisions based on facts.


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